I Believe Therefore I Speak

It has been my great privilege to speak to women about the magnificence of the God who is Mighty to Save. I am fascinated by His-Story, the story that began before creation and the story that will continue through time and space. It is this Great God who has so loved the world that He has given us His only Son, the Redeemer, to stand in our place, receiving the death blows of our sin, and to wrap us up in His Righteousness. This is His-story, and this is my story. And it is the reason why I speak.

Terms of Agreement:Sandy Speaking Group pic

I seriously hate setting fees to do what I love. However, after going through one year of being paid in plants, T-shirts, and books, I was advised by the friends who love me, to devise an Adjustable Benchmark which churches and organizations may use when determining a reasonable compensation for my time and services.

Conference/Retreat/Banquet Suggested Fees

1 – 50 Women – $1.00 per woman/per session

50 – 300 Women – $1.25 per woman/per session

300 + Women – $1.50 per woman/per session

Travel Expenses

  • Local (within 100 miles of my home) – Mileage at current IRS rates
  • Midway (100- 300 miles) – Mileage + $50.00
  • Long distance (Over 300 miles) – Airfare/Train fare + $50.00
    • Hotel costs (where applicable) + $50.00 per day food allowance
    • Transportation during my stay needs to be provided through a host/driver

Additional Considerations:

Though I prefer to speak the message God has laid upon my heart – The God Who Writes Your Story, I am willing to prepare a set of messages that better reflect your theme and the needs of your women. For a new conference/retreat package I will need approximately six months lead time to insure Biblical accuracy and stimulating content.

  • I am happy to accommodate you by adjusting my messages to fit your program schedule and your vision for your women.
  • I will never agree to speak or do anything that I cannot support Biblically.
  • I am happy to provide promotional materials including photos, a statement of faith, and my personal bio.
  • I am happy to promote your event on my website and other social media.
  • I will make talking points available to use for personal notes, program inserts, or table talk discussion.
  • I ask that a suitable location be provided to display my books and that I have the opportunity to sell and sign them.
  • I ask that my website and social media contact information appear in your promotional material.
  • I ask that any official recordings you make be made available to me.
  • I will need a Power Point projector, a head set mic (whenever possible otherwise a hand held mic will be acceptable), and a lectern to help me better communicate the messages I will be bringing to you.
  • I delight to remain in close communication with the event coordinator and/or the prayer coordinator as the date of your event draws near. ( 3 months works perfectly for me)