What’s Brewing – Special Delivery

Special DeliveryI stood at the counter ready to pay for those antique light fixtures that seemed to take forever to find. The place was dark and musty and by the time I sorted through the overpriced and under-cleaned globes, all I wanted to do was wash my treasures and my hands in some nice hot sudsy water. But then I looked into the face of the woman behind the counter. She was tall and slender and with delicate features that would send Rembrandt diving for his brushes.

As she handed me my receipt I stared back at her and said, “You are so beautiful.” A gush of tears washed over her cerulean blue eyes. She took a deep breath as if surprised by her own emotions. “I can’t believe you just said that to me. I’ve been feeling so ugly and tired.” Then she shared a bit of her story with me and for that small moment in time we became friends.

We all have impulses, flashes of thought that prompt us to do something or say something that feels ridiculous. And sometimes they are. But when those impulses are inspired by Holy selflessness, postmarked by the Giver of Mercy, they become memories in the making. Sometimes when I turn on the lights in our bedroom, I look up at those globes and see that beautiful face, sculpted by her Creator, and my spirit dances in grateful praise.

“Thank you God for her. Thank you for choosing me to tell her that she is beautiful. And if it would please You today, would You do it again? Would you trust me one more time to deliver a love note to someone who feels lost, and lonely, old and frazzled, unnecessary and uninspired, or just weary of having to face another day of pain?

There are times when God taps us on the heart and says, “I have a message for a hurting soul and I need you to deliver it for Me. It won’t cost you a thing but the joy of saying yes.”

Love and joy, Sandy (PS. I really want to hug this puppy!)Words 3

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