What’s Brewing – Our Journey Through Cancer – New Day

It's a new dayI love that our anniversary comes at the first whiff of spring; just as the lilacs are budding and the ground is drying out after a long winter of frost, and ice, and incessant rain. It’s a simple reminder of that recurring phrase in the Bible, “And it came to pass” – because, obviously, it didn’t come to stay.

So many things in life, hard things, as well as sweet things, have a way of appearing on our calendars only to fade away as the pages turn to make room for what’s coming next. And yet they’re there, hiding in the back stories of memories left behind. One year it was the birth of our daughter, then another – the birth of our son. Then, there was the year our marriage nearly ended, followed by the year God put it all back together again the way He wanted it to be in the first place. There was the big move from Portland to Gresham. Graduations and birthdays. A litany of pets popping in and out of the dog swing door. Marriages. And grand-kiddos who showed up and took over our hearts in ways we could never have expected. Pages curled by age. Yet all a part of our story. This year it was, and is for now – cancer.

When the diagnosis was first pronounced we purposefully chose to look at life in terms of our lasts. Last Christmas. Last winter. Last anniversary. Last year with family. Last trip to Hawaii. Because it’s good to be prepared for the worst – just in case spring doesn’t come. But, on Monday, March 21st we’ll celebrate our fifty-second year of marriage. We plan to go shopping for our trip to Hawaii in April, have lunch at our favorite Hawaiian restaurant, and at night we’ll raise a glass of Prosecco and toast the demise of Lymphoma. This thing that blew into November, breathing fear through its nostrils and threatening to erase the word together and replace it with alone, is quickly losing its power to divide and conquer – us.

But, just as a reminder that this journey has been carried on the wings of prayer, ours and yours, a nasty cold moved in and took over. Colds and cancer are like watching our worst nightmare coming true – Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton taking the oath of office together. Nevertheless, spring has come. The cold has been conquered. And when June arrives we’ll be done with blood tests and infusions and handfuls of chemo pills.

I love that our anniversary comes in the spring. A declaration of new life. New days. New dreams. And new blessings yet to be received.Spring Fever

“And it came to pass…” Because it didn’t come to stay!

“Behold, I am making all things  NEW!” Revelation 21:5

Thank you all for sharing this journey with us, Love and joy Bud and Sandy

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  1. AnnaLee Conti March 21, 2016 at 9:02 am #

    A very happy and healthy anniversary, Sandy and Bud!

  2. Carol Clark March 22, 2016 at 4:04 pm #

    I like that concept–“It came to pass—because it didn’t come to stay!” 🙂

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