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Today’s Brew – Why I Write

Drinking CoffeeI’m uncomfortable with titles (I think I might just be allergic to them). So calling myself a writer hasn’t come easy for me. I prefer to be known as an authentic lover of Jesus, a loving wife, a good mother/grandmother, and a woman who gathers up friends like chicken ranchers gather eggs. Nevertheless, because I simply can’t not write  – I am a writer.  Writing is what happens when my throat lumps up with words and sends me running for my tablet because I know I won’t be able to breathe until I set them free to do their thing.

But writing isn’t a walk through a field of dragon flies and dandelions. It takes work to write. And it takes perseverance; the kind that keeps on going when your stack of rejections leaves you with a permanent bruise on your ego. Which is exactly what happened the day I shut my computer and told God I could no longer waste my time writing words that will never be read! His still small voice packed a gentle wallop across my heart that day. “Sandy, (I love when He calls me that) you don’t need a publisher to tell you you’re a writer; you’re a writer because I say you’re a writer. So write.”

And so I write. I write because writing has become as prayer to me. It is a vehicle whereby pictures with words, characters searching for life, and ideas seeded in truth, falls from the Throne, washing through the Word, until they make their way into my soul and settle into story.

In Today’s Brew, we will be blogging our adventures in writing together; yours and mine. Mine will take you through the final stages of my first novel, Ellie’s Window. Yours will take us wherever your love for words is begging for release.

Welcome to Life Over Latte. I invite you to blog your journey into the quiet world of listening, watching, perceiving, expressing, praising, ranting, rumbling and bumbling with me. It’s What’s Brewing!

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 “My heart is stirred by a noble theme, as I recite my verses for the King,

my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” Psalm 45:2


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